Rise & FALL

Out Now on Facedown Records


We are American Arson


 Employing on-the-fly vocal and instrumental looping alongside multi-amp stacking, American Arson creates a massive, driving rock sound with just two performers. Punctuated by raw, razor-throated vocals and drop-tuned, buzzsaw guitars, American Arson is rock n' roll the way it was meant to be played: loud, fast, and brutally honest.

Vocals, Guitar / Evan Baker
Drums, Vocals / Jesse Gentry

Detroit, Michigan // Facedown Records




News & Updates




The last slate of summer shows is upon us! We’ll be in PA, NJ, VA and WV. Check out the TOUR page for details and come hang out!


Our new EP “Rise & Fall” is now available wherever music is streamed or sold. We are proud to announce that this is our debut release on Facedown Records.

- Evan & Jesse